Settings for your voting portal

General information about the voting portal


The name of your event/award will be used in your administration interface but also shown to the users of your voting portal.

Voting link

Choose a short, easy to type link that your users will use to reach your voting portal.

Activate the link for voting

Switch this off if you'd like to disable the voting portal. As the event/award administrator you still have full access, but no more votes will be accepted.

What is being voted on?

Innovote can be used for different topics. Enter the most suitable noun to describe what is being voted on. Examples are: startups, ideas, projects, innovations, innovators, but there's nothing wrong with using Innovote for a cake baking competition. If you do, why not send us a picture!

Legal Links

If you are required to (or want to) show your terms and conditions/privacy policy and even require users to accept them before logging in as jury or audience you can add them in this section. Select the checkboxes beneath each link to require the user to tick the checkbox before continuing.

Which type of login/registration?

Choose how you would like your users to authenticate themselves. There are two options:

  • Email Self-Registration: Anyone can visit your vorting portal and enter their email address. An email will be sent to them containing their personal voting link. If the email is already registered for the event/award then the same link will be sent once again.
  • Username and Password: You specify a list of users and corresponding passwords in your administration portal. Users will need one of those credentials to be able to login to the voting portal.

This is what it could look like in your voting portal

The design of your voting portal

Your Logo

Upload a wide format logo for your voting portal. The suggested size is 1000px x 384px. It will be shown on all pages of your voting portal (login, list of votees and the actual voting screen).

Primary Color

Choose a color from the color picker or enter a valid HTML format color to set your primary color. This color will be used as the highlight color throughout your voting portal (primary buttons, voting selection, highlighted text, etc.)

This is what it could look like in your voting portal

Selecting how your users are going to vote

Single Choice Voting

The user can select a single winner from the list.

This is what it could look like in your voting portal

Detailed Scorecard Voting

Number of criteria

Each user can submit a vote consisting of a number of categories. Select up to 10 categories to vote on.

Scale type

  • Numbers: The scale is represented numerically.
  • Stars: The scale is represented as stars.
  • Smileys: The scale goes from 0 (frown) to the maximum value (smiley) with a neutral smiley in the center.


Select the name of this voting category.


This optional text can be used to explain more complex categories or provide guidance what scores to give.

Max Points

How many points should your users be able to give in this category. The scale starts at 0 and ends in this number. We recommend choosing a number between 5 and 10 in order to have a good phone experience. Scales greater than 10 will work on phones but the experience will not be optimal.


If any category has a weight then the average is calculated by (Sum of (weight x points)) divided by number of categories. If you distribute exactly 100 points across all categories then this will behave like percentages. Any points with no weight will be left out of the average calcuation (if at least one category has a weight).

- Product has Weight 10
- Team has Weight 5
- Idea has Weight 0
- Then the average is (10 * Product + 5 * Team) / 2, therefore weighting product twice as much as team.

Example 2:
- Product has Weight 50
- Team has Weight 25
- Idea has Weight 25
- Then the average is (50 * Product + 25 * Team + Idea * 25) / 3, therefore weighting product twice as much as team and idea and effectively creating a 50%, 25%, 25% weight distribution.

Additional options


The use can providen an optional comment for each nominee.


The user can bookmark the nominees and send themselves the bookmarked list.

This is what it could look like in your voting portal