Mobile scoring for jury and audiences at startup competitions

Mobile scoring for
startup competitions

Simple to use, mobile ready, web based
evaluation software for audiences and judges.

Are you still handing out pen and paper?

Go digital with the best voting software for your startup events and competitions.
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Simple for them

Just click to vote. No training required.

  • Works from anywhere

    Your users can access your voting portal from anywhere through the internet using a customizable short link. Easy to type!

  • Works on everything

    Your voting portal is web based and mobile friendly. Doesn't matter if your users have a phone, tablet or laptop. It works beautifully.

Simple for you

Setup and customized in minutes and then it won't get in your way.

  • Customizable

    Make it your own using your logo and colors. Decide what people should vote on and how.

  • Real time dashboard

    Stay in control always with a live view of votes as they come in. See trends and the winners directly online.

“It’s the third voting tool we’ve tried, and it’s by far the most efficient, affordable, and easy to use, both for jury members and for the administrators, I can’t imagine a better experience. We will definitely use it again.”

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The better way to evaluate innovation.

Open or Closed Groups

Supports self registration for audiences or pre set credentials for selected jury members.

Parallel Voting

Need to run both an audience voting and seperate jury voting across five rooms at the same time? No problem.

Engange your audience

Give them an easy fun way to give you feedback on your event, innovators, ideas or anything else you come up with.

Keep your data

All your event/award data can be downloaded into a simple spreadsheet.

Built by the experts behind trusted innovation solutions.

This isn't our first rodeo. We've learnt from decades in the innovation space and focus on creating powerful yet easy to use experiences.
World class engineering deployed in global data centers.

We also build highly customizable startup scouting solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Innovote support public voting (aka audience voting)?

Voting portals can be configured either for a closed set of people (usually juries, experts, judges etc) where you will create a username and password for each one. Or you can switch to self registration (audience mode) where anyone can enter an email address to start voting.

What do I need to use Innovote at my event/award?

Provide a wifi with internet to your users. That's all. It's that simple. As long as they can reach the web they can reach our global data centers. The data transferred to your clients is minimal, but if you'd like to host Innovote inside your own event network contact us to discuss.

How can I customize the voting?

Innovote supports two modes. Simple mode lets your users choose a single winner. Scorecard mode lets you create different criteria that users judge the nominees on.

What about data privacy?

For your account we collect your email address and store it while your account exists. If you enable self registration (audience voting) for your voting portal the email addresses are collected and stored in your account as long as the event/award exists. Deleting your account will also delete your events/awards. We use privacy-aware analytics provided by Fathom, whose privacy policy you can read here.

What is a voting portal?

A voting portal let's you collect jury or audience votings on a number of nominees. Results are aggregated accross a voting portal, so you could have seperate voting portals for different awards, pitching rounds or event days. Each one in your account has a unique link (e.g. and counts towards your total.

How can I customize my voting portal?

In terms of design you can add your own logo (visible at the top of each screen) and choose a primary color used to highlight active elements.

Any further questions?
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