Managing subjects to vote on in your Innovote voting portal

After logging in (either with username and password or via self-registration) your users will be presented with a list of subject to vote on. You can customize the noun used for the subjects in your settings (e.g. Startups, Projects, Innovators).


Choose a short name that identifies who the user is voting on. The subjects will be shown alphabetically so if you want your subjects to appear in order, just add a number to the start (i.e. "1. Startup A" or "01. Startup A" if you are going to add more than 9).

Description (optional)

You can add a longer description of the subject to remind the user of the topic. This can be useful if the jury voting happens at a later time than the presentation of the subject.

Top menu

Remove all

Press this to remove all subjects in your voting portal. This will also remove all existing votes and effectively reset the event.

Upload spreadsheet

You can upload a spreadsheet (Excel or CSV) with names and optionally descriptions. Use the template link provided to download an Excel you can fill that is already preformatted for uploading. But any spreadsheet that contains two columns "name" and "description" will work.

The uploaded subjects will be added to any existing subjects you have already added.

Bottom menu

Add another 10 rows

This will not save your users but add ten more rows for you to add more users.